This Irish rebel was on active duty in 1916, and before then. He had some lucky escapes over the years but, in Easter week in 1916, he must have thought his time was up.

He was wounded more than two dozen times by the British, but he wouldn’t surrender. He fought on, was captured by the British and, eventually, recovered, somewhat – his physical abilities were never the same afterwards, but his mental capabilities were as sharp as ever, and he remained active within Irish republican circles.

He completely rejected the ‘Treaty of Surrender’ and campaigned against it, as did tens of thousands of other principled people and then, like those other good people, he fought against it. Those that stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him in the struggle before the 1916 Easter Rising and during that same week shot him dead in 1922…

Plus, on a lighter note, we’ll also be writing about a kind-hearted (!) English ‘queen’ who was apparently concerned about the literacy skills of the Irish, being politically ‘bourgeois’ or having aspirations to be so, and being politically idealistic and impractical, according to the ‘establishment’, that is.

Finally, we’ll have a few words to say about a man who shares his name with a bottle of whiskey and was known to be a bit of a boyo, another man who, if he did die from a broken heart, it was probably more literally than figuratively and how it is that work is the curse of the drinkin’ class…!

We’ll be posting about all of the above on Wednesday, 7th July 2021. See ya then!

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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