Once one of the top* politicians in Leinster House (*by State ‘standards’, anyway, which isn’t really saying much…), this millionaire ‘Landlord’ almost wet himself with excitement, in public, when he got the opportunity to meet a member of the British ‘royal’ family.

Ireland, 1918 – “Seditious and treasonable Imperial German supporters” rounded-up in Ireland and detained by the British, but the timing of that action gave Westminster away…// military-inflicted PTSD treated as “temporary insanity” by the British ‘police’ in Ireland in the 1920’s.

This man was shot dead by the RIC who ‘tricked-up’ the scene to make it look like an IRA operation…// 1921 – a ‘neutralising’ operation by the British Army in Donegal was itself neutralised by the IRA in two separate attacks at the same time…// 1922 – tram deaths in Belfast ; loyalists use public transport to find ‘Fenians’ to kill…// this British Army Sergeant Major was ‘on leave’ in Dublin in 1916 when the Rising took place and, during his effort to defend British misrule, he was shot dead by one of his own.

…and a 15-part ‘Short Story’ section…sure wha’ more do ya want..?!

Thank you for visiting, and for reading ; see ya on Wednesday, 18th May 2022, when all the above (and even more..!) will be put in front of ya!

Sharon and the team.

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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