…why is he looking so worried?

Would it have something to do with a political buddy of his from Tipperary, and/or an expensive dinner and/or a mobile phone licence?

Or maybe it’s something to do with a fundraising issue for his political party?

Or could it be that he’s stressed-out about one of his pensions…?

‘How to be a Politician ;

Transparent, they say they’ll be,

then hide so much from you and me,

make a promise that can’t be met,

blame someone else and hope you forget.

Give and take as they see fit,

no need to worry of elections yet,

take your money and tell a lie,

hope your memory fades with time..’

(From here.)

Thanks for the visit, and for reading ; check back with us on Wednesday, 23rd November 2022, when all will be revealed…!

Sharon and the team.

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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