This republican operative was captured by the Staters in 1923 and went on hunger strike for forty-one days before being released in July 1924 ; de Valera attempted to recruit him in 1926 but he stayed with the Republican Movement and continued working for the Cause, even though his health was shattered due to the number of prison protests and hunger strikes for political status that he undertook.

Between the late 16th century and the early 17th century, the English foisted a series of ‘law acts’ on the Irish and proscribed the native law system, which was driven underground.

In the 1920’s, these two Irish republicans left the Movement and joined the Staters ; they were active in their pursuit of former comrades and, when they met one such man, they paid the price.

This Fine Gael ‘Organiser’ made it big, politically, in the United States but a ‘Junior Minister’ friend of his only made ‘big’ headlines here, when the ‘Criminal Assets Bureau’ paid him a visit and charged him €250,000 for the pleasure.

A ‘bats in the belfry’-idea in the 1940’s made its way to the US White House where it was studied and put into action, but it didn’t have the desired results, proving only that, like dentures (and mad dentists!), bats come out in the night ; to be continued…!

Thanks for droppin’ in, and for reading – see ye on Wednesday, 7th December 2022, when all the above – AND MORE!! – will be Comin’ At Ya…!

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