Our first post of 2023, the 21st year of the ‘1169’ blog, will be landing on this page on Wednesday, 18th January next and, despite it being our 21st ‘birthday’, we’ll be sure to be sure to make it!

As stated earlier, it’ll be a six-part post, and will have a few paragraphs on a 19th century Irishman who thought he was ‘well got’ with Westminster and, Westminster being full of Brits (!), they let him think that until it suited them to move against him, which they did.

A comparison was made in Ireland, in the 1950’s, between two children – one was a nationalist, one was a loyalist – and the analogist came to the conclusion that the loyalist child expressed him/herself in a louder fashion (!) as he/she could take to the public highway because he/she “had the backing of an army”.

A music hall in Dublin, in the early months of the Free State, was briefly put to better use by the citizens before the State politicians in the then newly-imposed Leinster House entity sang sour notes (!) and attempted to change the tune of those inside the building.

A phone licence and a conference venue made the news in this particular year, and politics and the awarding of ‘grants’ were involved…

We’ll have more than the above to say, but we won’t be saying it until Wednesday, 18th January 2023 ; check back with us then, and educate yerselfs…!

Thanks for the visit, and we hope to see ya on the 18th!

Sharon (…and I have now rounded-up the Team!)

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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