A mother-of-three , and a political activist with the Republican Sinn Féin organisation.
Also employed on a full-time basis ( outside the home , I mean….) so, between my children , my RSF work and my job , I’m kept busy !

26 Responses to About

  1. Seán McGouran says:

    Why haven’t you published all of my ‘Fortnight’ article in Kincora – what you’ve put up amounts to a lie.

    • Fiachra O Tórna says:

      Hello Sharon, I would appreciate if I could contact you regarding a post from 2006.

      • 11sixtynine says:

        Hi Fiachra!
        Thanks for the message – I’m intrigued about how I might have offended you back in 2006?!!
        Gonna email you to find out more…!
        Hear from you later,

  2. 11sixtynine says:

    Hi Séan !
    I published every word of that ‘Magill’ article re the Kincora issue – what makes you think I didn’t ?
    If you don’t answer , then it looks like it’s your comment that is “the lie”.

  3. Seán McGouran says:

    My article was in Belfast’s Fortnight – Magill was a Dublin magazine which wouldn’t have been interested – don’t be disenegenuous…

  4. Irish Joe says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Irish Joe here from http://irishvillage.blogspot.ca/

    Would love to dialogue a bit and see if we can work together on getting some more people informed and educated on the Irish Political Landscape.


  5. Christopher says:

    Hi Just wondering if you might be able to help me with some information on one of your posts from 2006, in particular how to locate the source document?

    • 11sixtynine says:

      Hi Christopher !
      If you can give me more information on that 2006 post I might be able to help.
      Hear from you later,
      Thanks for the visit , and the comment,

  6. Christopher says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Was hoping you might be able to direct me to the source for the series of posts ‘Lotteries and other hold ups’ from 6 & 7 October 2006? The source is stated as New Hibernia Magazine. I have searched online but have been unable to locate it. Is there any chance you might be able to point me towards it or would you have a copy of the original article your posts are drawn from?

    • 11sixtynine says:

      Hi again , Christopher !
      I’m not surprised that the ‘New Hibernia’ magazine has no web presence or archive as same would pre-date the web but we should have our own copy of that issue of the magazine (April 1987) on our shelves (somewhere!) – we will task our ‘Junior’ to locate it and I’ll email you then and we can make arrangements for us to post you a photocopy of the material.
      That ok with you ?
      Hear from you later,

      • Christopher says:

        Hi Sharon,
        Thats more than ok, thats wonderful, thanks for your help! God, wish i had a junior to help find things for me! You want to hire them out? 😉

      • 11sixtynine says:

        Hi Christopher !
        As we are now at the stage of exchanging postal addresses or meeting up in person, I have taken this conversation to email.
        Hear from you/see you soon,

  7. John says:

    Hi Sharon

    I was really interested in your post about the burial place of Robert Emmet on ‘1169 and counting’.

    Is there any chance of posting higher quality images of the pages written by Joe Doolan so we can read them ourselves?


  8. Hi Sharon – I’m doing a biography of Jimmy Steele and I was wondering if you had come across any relevant material in the archives you use.
    is mise

  9. Wahab Iqbal says:

    Hi Sharon,

    We are a film production company, who are composing a film surrounding Irish political history in the mid-twentieth century. At this moment we are conducting research and hope to garner further understanding around attitudes and the Irish political climate. We would love to hear from you, my email is wahab@clotheslinepictures.com


  10. 11sixtynine says:

    Hi Wahab!
    Thank you for your visit, and your inquiry – I have sent you an email, and look forward to your reply.
    Thanks again,

  11. Patrick Harrington says:

    Hello my name is pat read your blog on Sean Glynn. He is my great uncle on my father’s mother side Ellen Glynn Harrington was his sister,lived on Melgrave rd limerick.Ihave trye to find info on him in prison but can’t.Also tryed to get info on my grandfather. Michael j Harrington, who was in prisoner for sedition twice in about 1920’s. Any ideas. Thank you Pat

    • 11sixtynine says:

      Hi Pat!
      Thanks for reading the blog, and for the contact – appreciated!
      I’ll email you re the questions you asked, and we can take it from there.
      Thanks again,

  12. Chris O'Regan says:

    Hey Sharon
    long time lurker here ( 6 years once a week!)
    I am from New Zealand and have been making Celtic Jewellery for a while.
    Just been working on a new technique called photo etching that gives incredible detail
    https://celticart.net.nz/product/odonovan-rossa/ is my first work I am really happy with the finish
    I would like to link to your site when I explain some of the Irish historical figures I intend on making.
    You give a more accurate and honest depiction than Wikipedia!
    Also do you know where I could access high resolution photos of people like Connolly, Clarke or Collins etc. which I need to get a good photoetch of
    most of the images online you can access you can see the pixels when you etch them, which does not look right. Maybe someone with access to originals from the start of the 20th Century or who has uploaded pictures of at least 150 dpi resolution.
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
    I appreciate it.

  13. 11sixtynine says:

    Hi New Zealand, and Hi to you too, Chris!
    Thank you for being one of our many ‘lurkers’ and for getting in touch with us, especially with such nice comments – our little corner of the web here sometimes catches ugly bugs, which we swat without mercy!
    And of course you can link to our site (‘WordPress’ or ‘Blogger’ [1169 And Counting]) ; we’d be delighted with the plug, and thanks for offering us the opportunity – appreciated.

    I’m going to contact you by email, Chris, re the pics part of your comment.
    Thanks again for your kind words,

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