We are still experiencing major issues with ‘Blogger/Blogspot’ in relation to our main blog , ‘1169 And Counting…’ – and we are not alone .
After sending approximately twenty requests for help/notifications re ‘log-in’ problems for instance , we told the ‘Blogger Support’ team that we had cleared our cache of Blogger cookies and adjusted our IE ‘Privacy’ settings in the hope that doing so would ‘fix’ the problem , we received a reply [one of two replies from them] suggesting that we “….clear our cache of Blogger cookies and adjust our ‘Privacy’ settings in IE…” ! we are seriously thinking about giving up on our ‘1169..’ Blogspot site altogether . Incidentally , this is the other ‘reply’ from them :
Unbelievable .
Some blog owners have been ‘locked-out’ from their blog for weeks now , after changing over to the ‘New’ blogger format , and their complaints have been removed from the ‘Blogger Help’ forum – such as this example , just one of many which have been censored :

We have managed to gain entry to the ‘Guestbook’ on the ‘1169…’ blog – same can be accessed with the proper log-in details through an outside source – and left the following comment therein for our readers [see ‘Guest 3’] –
Also , we telephoned ‘Google’ [the owners of ‘Blogger’] at their European Headquarters in Dublin (Fax [01]4361001 , ‘phone [01]4361000) and the call was ‘answered’ by their answering machine : we left a message introducing ourselves and outlining the problem but have yet to receive a reply .

We have agreed not to continue publishing the blog unless we can do so on the ‘Blogspot’ site , as that is the URL associated with ‘1169…’ – we have dedicated a fair amount of our ‘spare’ time to building up the blog over the past five years and we have absolutely no desire or inclination to begin that process again on a different blogging service . A final decision on bringing ‘1169 And Counting…’ to an end will be made over the next few days , and will depend on how quickly those responsible for the outage at ‘Google/Blogger’ can repair the damage they have caused to the system and the ‘trust’ damage they have caused to users of ‘Blogger’ : so far they have not even acknowledged that there is a major problem and have censored and deleated the posts of those of us who commented on the issue .
Will post here regarding any updates on this fiasco…….

Sharon/John/’Junior’ .

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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