RSF members and supporters on the CDP/JI/CE Dublin protest , Friday 6th November 2009.

Ice cold wind, heavy , torrential rain , dark watery skies – that was Friday morning , November 6th , 2009 , in Dublin : but nature isn’t going to hold back this tide!
RSF people arrived at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Dublin’s Seán McDermott Street at about 1.15pm , as arranged, to meet up with approximately 100 of the thousands of Community Sector workers in this State who have been notified that their jobs are to be “axed” – in a toss-up between paying these workers an average of €450 for a 39-hour week and bailing-out bankers and building speculators , the politicians decided to help their business colleagues. The Community Sector workers are to be thrown back into unemployment.

Community workers in Seán McDermott Street , readying themselves to join the protest march.

‘Jim Larkin’ addresses the crowd at the side of the Church in Seán McDermott Street.

CDP/JI/CE workers from Clondalkin, Dublin, on the protest march , 6-11-09.

Between approximately 50,000 and 70,000 Community Sector workers and their families protested in Dublin today against being forced to pay for the financial robbery inflicted on society in this State by the politicians in Leinster House and their equally dense-and-greedy well-fed-and suited colleagues in the ‘business’ establishment . Their friends in the media are , as expected, attempting to ‘play down’ the massive levels of support that Community Sector workers have in their communities and are attempting to present those workers as an unrepresented minority.

One of the RSF protestors , Merrion Square ,Dublin, Friday 6th November 2009.

Read the T-Shirt – “BANKS:€54 billion JOBS:€0″

Republican Sinn Féin has marched before with the Community Sectors workers , and will take to the streets again with them whenever the opportunity to do so arises : they are seen as ‘the lowest of the low’ by the political establishment in this State and are considered to be ‘easy pickings’ in regards to being sacrificed for the financial sins of others. We owe it to them , to ourselves and to common justice to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these people and we are committed to doing so.
Because it is the right thing to do.


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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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