Don’t be fooled by their soft-spoken bluster that it’s a harmless substance – millions have died (or suffered acute embarrassment , or should do…) because of the infectious harm it spreads amongst those who know no better…..

UNCLEAN ! Frank Feighan, a Blue Shirt with a red spot.

Mary Byrne , the ‘Ballyfermot Rose’ , is rumoured to have only worn it on condition that she could disguise herself on stage when wearing it. However, on seeing the Poppy , the Devil took most of the disguise back off her.

Jedward : ‘entertainers’ who will wear, say or do anything if there’s a few bob to be made by doing so. And if Irish Republicans can collectively raise enough hard cash then they, too, can rent shoulder-space from the twins for an Easter Lily display. A tenner each should do , as our pic shows just how cheap they are.

The Poppy is sold (and worn) in ‘honour’ of all British military personnel , a fact acknowledged by the British Legion and echoed loudly (and often) in Westminster and Stormont. Members of that same blood-thirsty , drugged-up ragged bunch of world-wide mercenaries have caused havoc and spread destitution and moral syphilis in
, amongst other global ‘hot-spots’ , Antigua and Barbuda ,Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados ,Belize , Botswana ,Brunei Darussalam , Cameroon, Canada , Cyprus , Dominica , Fiji Islands, Gambia, Ghana , Grenada , Guyana , Ireland , India
and about 40 other countries yet the ‘Establishment’ here in this farce of a Free State constantly attempt to ‘sell’ the Poppy as ‘our way of remembering our Irish soldiers , tens-of-thousands of them, who died in WW1 (sic)…’

But no Irish soldiers died then : rather it was British soldiers , recruited in Ireland who lost their young lives in that butchery. Irish soldiers also died in that period in Ireland , fighting the British Army , and they are honoured , properly, by the wearing of the Easter Lily and they do not deserve to be ‘lumped in’ with those from the cesspit ie the Black and Tans, the executioners of the men and women who challenged ‘The Empire’ in 1916 and the BA Para Regiment , to name but some of those who swim in that swill.

So , Frank , Mary and ‘Jedward’ : go sell your Poppy propaganda elsewhere.

Thanks for reading,

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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