Two examples of political ignorance, as practised by those who apparently consider themselves to be ‘republicans’ but, judging by that with which they hope to cash-in with this Easter time, are actually ‘nationalist’-minded ie they would be more at home, politically, with Fianna Fail/SDLP, and answerable to either Stormont or Leinster House, rather than to any Irish republican institution.

The Easter Lily leaflet/poster on view with this post was produced and distributed by Offaly Sinn Féin (Provisional Sinn Féin, that is…) and included the following text – ‘Easter Lillies will soon be available in the Offaly area. They will be sold by Licensed Sinn Féin Sellers. Always ask for a permit before you donate’.

A ‘licence/permit’ to distribute Easter Lilies is granted, upon application, by the Free State administration here in Dublin, the same Free State administration which, since it was spawned by Westminster in 1922, has done its utmost to destroy Irish republicanism, and continues to this day in its attempts to do so.

That Free State administration, acting under the guidance of Westminster and, during its ‘birth’, actually armed by Westminster, turned on Irish republicans, imprisoning, torturing and executing us, as much for its own ends (to maintain the amount of political and military ‘control’ that Westminster granted it) as for Westminster’s (to secure London’s ‘western front’ by planting a friendly [puppet/Vichy] force in power).

No genuine Irish republican would apply to any such political administration for a ‘permission slip/licence/permit’ to honour the same men and women that were (and are being) hounded in life and death by that same political administration. A Fianna Fáil/SDLP-type ‘nationalist’, however, wouldn’t comprehend the above, as it’s above their political ‘paygrade’.

Our second example of political ignorance concerns a print collage assembled by those that are mentally and morally similar to the Provisional Sinn Féin political party –

– to state that Michael Collins, Martin McGuinness and Constance Georgine Gore Booth Markievicz – all of whom ended their days having worked for/with and giving political recognition to, the Free State – had the same ‘..dream, goal and desire..’ as Irish republicans is just as wrong as seeking an Easter Lily permit from the Free Staters in Leinster House.

Our regular readers will understand that to be the case and, if any of ye can be bothered, ye mightn’t mind educating certain people in Offaly about these things. And, with a bit of luck, they, in turn, might mention it in passin’ to the rest of their party at their next get-together…!

And please – don’t be conned into wearing a false Easter Lily or into attending a Leinster House/Stormont-funded and/or approved Easter Commemoration. This is a list of genuine Easter events ; we’d appreciate your presence!

(Please click on the pic and save.)

Thanks for the visit, and for reading.

Sharon and the team.

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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