Delivering an ‘After Dinner Speech’ to the ‘Political Studies Association’
in the red-carpeted surroundings of Belfast City Hall on Wednesday , 4th April 2012 , this speaker said the following (and much more) :
“Republicanism needs to become more intuitive about unionist apprehensions and objections and sensitised in our response. We need to be open to using new language, and consider making new compromises…….our conflict is over……conflict is over and the imperative of creating a better society at ease with itself is a new challenge for us all…….dialogue, using new language and making new compromises to create trust are the seeds of a new nation for us all………sometimes in politics compromise is a negative word. Even in the past people said it was a dirty word. But we should not be ashamed of the compromises we have made here. I am proud of the compromises I and my party have made to bring about a stable peace.The war is over in the north of Ireland, the conflict is over…..”

Without a doubt , “the war is over” for him and his like , as people like that have obtained their objective – a ‘compromise’ which , they believe , allows them to save face with their own (like-minded) nationalist colleagues whilst at the same time presenting their ‘achievements’ as that which they sought all along. Plus , of course , the financial rewards involved for them personally and the physical and verbal ‘pats-on-the-back’ they receive from other unprincipled gombeen waste-of-space career politicians. The person in question still attempts to ‘trade’ as a ‘revolutionary-turned-Statesman’ and is promoted , presented and introduced as such by like-minded creatures who have already received such ‘status’ or hope to , as soon as possible. These bottom-feeders offer nothing of any value or worth to society ; indeed , they are of the opinion that that society owes them and they are not behind the door when it comes to ‘collecting’ what they consider themselves to be ‘owed’ by that society. They are vain , greedy , self-centered and morally useless , a cancer in the midst of an otherwise decent society.

The person in question – who is ‘proud of his compromises’ – is Martin McGuinness , pictured above , who never thought to ask if the ‘compromise’ was his to trade with. The answer to that question is ‘No’ : that Republican objective is not his to ‘bargain’ with , nor does it belong to any individual. But being vain , greedy , self-centered and morally useless , he wouldn’t understand that simple fact…..

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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